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Product Development Workshop

This workshop was conducted by me in collaboration with Asian Heritage Foundation under the mentorship of Rajeev Sethi and Andrew Logan and was funded by the World Bank.

The aim of this workshop was to rejuvinate the skills sets of a craft cluster that has already been exposed to design and come up with innovative products.

Both workshops were 15 days each.

Target Market was mass premium or the middle segment that can be positioned in the domestic market with an aspiration to reach out to the international audience in the later half.

Sikki grass crafts has been practised traditionally primarily for ritualistic purposes. Here newly wed brides were sent with gifts for her use within woven sikki trays, boxes. The craft is predominantly practised in Bihar and Nepal.

Traditionally practised mainly by Hindu women there are certain clusters where muslim women also practise this craft. Various specimens traditional as well as design interventions in sikki can be found at the Upendra Maharathi museum in Patna.

The craft cluster at Raiyam has already had prior exposure during the 1st phase of Jiyo and are highly skilled.

The cluster consists of more than 30 craftswomen.

With the two workshops we managed to cover product categories from home decor(baskets, lighting, floral accents) and costume jewellery. The second workshop was just dedicated to costume jewellery where we brought in another resource person Ms. Kahkashan to share her expertise on finishing and the use of jewellery findings.

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