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Somewhere between right and wrong

Somewhere between right and wrong

Somewhere between right and wrong
patinas on MS & brass

The Charbagh is a Persian and Indo-Persian quadrilateral garden layout based on the four gardens of Paradise mentioned in the Quran. The Mughal Paradise Gardens were earthly visions of “Jannah”, heaven, and were walled gardens of formal beds of flowers and fruit with water flowing through them. These gardens were full of flowers like narcissuses, tulips,poppies along with trees like cypress, pomegranate etc. Once a space only accessible by the royalty, today the surviving gardens are enjoyed by all.

The artist maps the garden in plan whilst depicting the stylised images typical of Mughal miniature paintings; trees, humans, animals displayed from a front view which played with perspective from several dimensions in the same frame.

"Somewhere between right and wrong there is a garden, I will meet you there"- Rumi.

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