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Paper Dreams1

Paper Dreams1
PU on brass
22"w x 18"ht x 20''depth

"Paper Dreams" is inspired by the bougainvillea flower, also called the 'Paper Flower'. Bougainvillea is known for its vibrant colours and its ability to bloom in the heat of tropical summers with minimal water and is therefore, symbolic of resilience and perseverance. Paper, although fragile, when written on carries the power of thought and through origami folding can be made to float and fly, thus the fragility of our dreams and aspirations can be made to soar despite a harsh climate.

The sculpture is a testament to the resilience of beauty, vibrancy and hope of the power of imagination and the importance of conserving and realising our dreams. As we grow up, we have vivid dreams and ambitions, but not all of them come to fruition. However, we must continue to dream and strive towards our goals, just as the bougainvillea flower perseveres and sheds beauty in harsh conditions.

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