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Journal Entries


glass paints and engraving on sodaglass,Handmade paper,pencil,brass


The series was inspired by visits to local museums in several states in India and the poor state of specimens and display units and herein it's application to the larger picture of conservation.

Belljars were used for controlled chemical experiments as well in Biology labs and Natural History museums to keep models or certain embalmed species on display.

Here we use it as a means of display for various reasons one as

specimens on the brink of extinction due to habitat destruction and therefore are valuable and need to be protected, secondly how slowly the high value of property overrides this.

The artwork consists of excerpts from a child's diary

"Today we learn't to make popup buildings, they look just like the ones outside my window''

''We moved to a new place on the main road that faces a mall''

Also a drawing of the sun rising or setting between skyscrapers instead of the typical children's drawing of it rising/setting between mountains.

The exterior is engraved and painted with children reading books under a tree,picking flowers and just day dreaming whilst in the outdoors.

The artwork depicts the grimness of the environment we are raising our children in and the disconnection of urban life from nature.

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