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Fossil Herbarium 3

Fossil Herbarium 3

Concrete, FRP, aluminium, brass, pencil



Fossil Herbariums are books made in FRP and concrete with fossilized common plants as well as pressed common plants in them. The edges of these books have a city skyscraper silhouette. The idea of pressing flowers stems from my fascination of nature in childhood and creating greeting cards by composing them in patterns. We also later used it as a tool for studying plants for botany class. Here the act of clearing forests to build concrete buildings is depicted. A scenario where even common flowers will become fossils, fossilized not in stone, wood or amber but in concrete.

We are squeezed for space, every inch counts. The stairways in all of these layouts mirrors the double helix of the human DNA, genetically designed to self destruct with human mortality as the shelf life of concrete is 60 years before it cracks, blisters and collapses.”

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