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City Forest 3

City Forest 3

Acid washed brass

23x16x2.5"ht; 16.25x10x2.5"ht; 10x8x2.5"ht


Along my body run tributaries of cities in gold and silver. Except that when you look under the dermis there are just hollow channels, diggers digging deeper draining all the resources. A trail of glittering golden termite tubes starts off from the floor moving onto the wall and even onto the ceiling. These run across the entire gallery and even onto the artworks. Scattered alongside in varying clusters of density are cuboids representing miniature skyscrapers. These very same cuboids comprise the City Forest sculpture that mocks the buildings with names like Magnolia, Wisteria Heights, Orchid Woods etc (etched on them) – these are name sake and do not even place these trees within their vulgar flex print billboards leave alone including them within their landscaping plan.

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