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A Taste of Victory of Love over Hate​

A Taste Of Victory Of Love Over Hate

14''width x10.5''depth x 27.75''ht

Brass and Iron



This larger than life tongue is a symbol of millions of voices, of the suppressed, the marginalized and the sexually criminalized, unabashedly bursting out into a paean of song. The tongue, reminiscent of the Goddess Kali, the mother of language, is a triumph of victory over chaos. In the current climate of increased censorship of civil society and shrinking space in the media, this tongue, as an organ of sensuality and speech, has broken free of restraints. The sculpture reflects one of the principles of Jainism, the religion of the artist, to speak the truth. In a world of multiple realities, fake news and "alternative facts" swirling on social media, this piece is created as an emphatic statement of truth. This tongue has triumphed over the symbols of censorship, the scissors and nails, to dare to speak its song of love, redemption and passion over hate, lies, repression and fear.

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